“Listening is a function of the entire brain; when we listen, we listen with the whole body” (Vital Links, 2007-2009).

Many children with sensory processing difficulties also have listening difficulties. This is particularly relevant for children with auditory sensitivity or over-responsivity. These children tend to respond negatively to loud or unexpected noises, such as alarms, vacuum cleaners, hand dryers or kitchen appliances (e.g. food processor, microwave). They may also be distracted by background noise.

Therapeutic Listening™ (TL) programs combine sound-based intervention with sensory integration therapy to prepare the body for sustained attention and active listening. TL forms part of an individualised treatment program, used by Occupational Therapists to help improve sensory modulation, attention, behaviour, postural control, self-regulation, bladder and bowel function, sleep patterns, motor coordination, spatial awareness, fine motor control, praxis, speech and language difficulties, social skills and visual motor integration.

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For more information, contact us on: 01245 423827

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