Sensory processing “is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives sensory messages and turns them into responses” (Miller, 2006).

Dr. A. Jean Ayres (an Occupational Therapist, Educational Psychologist and Neuroscientist) theorized that “when sensory processing is impaired in a child…social, emotional, motor and/or functional problems can result” (Miller, 2006).

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Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) occurs when there are problems with processing in one or more sensory systems (i.e. tactile, vestibular, proprioceptive, auditory, visual or olfactory), and as a result, a child’s daily routines and activities are disrupted. SPD is classified under three symptom clusters that may occur independently or in combination with each other:

  • Sensory Modulation Disorder
  • Sensory-Based Motor Disorder
  • Sensory Discrimination Disorder

Sensory Integration Therapy involves direct one-on-one treatment based on the Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) principles. ASI intervention should be provided by a therapist with postgraduate training (minimum Module 2 or equivalent) and intervention should adhere to ASI principles. The environment should include both suspended equipment and a variety of other equipment to meet the child’s sensory needs. It should also provide the child with a variety of sensory opportunities, help the child maintain appropriate levels of alertness, challenge posture.

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